Carol Brinker

Carol Brinker and her husband raised their children in Northwest Ohio, then moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  After seventeen years, they decided to move back to the Toledo area to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

Carol’s grandchildren attended Sylvania Child Care, and her daughter suggested that she volunteer to read to the children at the Woodrow Preschool.  Carol began by reading to the children and loved it so much that she filled out an application to become an employee.  She began as a substitute in September 2014, filling in primarily at Woodrow as well as the before- and after-school program at Highland, although she goes wherever she is needed.

Carol says that she loves the program; the staff is warm and welcoming and she loves the relationships she forms with the children everywhere she goes.  She loves working with the school-age kids on their homework and making learning fun, whether it’s drilling kids with flashcards or working with them on their reading.  “The kids trust you and are glad to see you.  There’s a joy and warmth to being with them.”  Similarly, Carol enjoys getting to know the parents, who are very supportive of the program and their children, commenting that “they wait patiently for their kids when they are in the middle of something, as they often are.”  More than anything, Carol says, “the thing that brings me the most joy and pleasure is working with the kids.”

Jennifer G

Jennifer is a single mother who moved to the Toledo area a few years ago.  She wanted to go to school to become a nurse and to build a better future for her family.  Child care is a critical need for Jennifer, whose family and close friends all live in Michigan.  None are close enough to assist with child care on a regular basis.  When Jennifer and her son Ethan first moved to Toledo, his school was not a good fit.  Both Jennifer and Ethan struggled with school and the challenges of being away from their extended family support system.

Jennifer searched for a new home and new child care in Sylvania.  She knew she needed a reliable, safe and affordable child care program, one that she could trust daily to care for her son before and after school.  In Sylvania Child Care, she found all that and more.  Ethan has blossomed in his new school, and he truly enjoys being with his friends in the Hillview/Whiteford extended time program.  Some of his summer is spent in the all-day summer camp while the rest is spent with family in Michigan.  He likes just being able to hang out with his friends and particularly loves going on field trips.

Jennifer says “Ethan has friends here; I just don’t worry about him while I’m at work.”  Her challenge, however, was how to continue to afford this wonderful program.  As a single mother, solely responsible for her family’s needs, she found it very difficult financially, and was close to making a decision to leave the program.  Through Ashley, the Hillview/Whiteford site administrator, Jennifer applied for and is receiving tuition assistance from Sylvania Child Care.  “Without this program, I wouldn’t be able to work.  It’s a huge help.”

Ben and Angie Crandell

Finding a preschool/daycare for full-time working parents can be a challenge. Woodrow Preschool has been a perfect fit for our family. Our five year old is becoming an emergent reader while learning in an atmosphere that encourages him to extend his thinking and problem-solving. At the same time, our three year old is making similar connections in a manner that is appropriate for her developmental level. Both of our children are excited for kindergarten because of the excellent foundation they have acquired at Woodrow!

Jason and Holly Apgar

We have been nothing but pleased with the performance of the teaching staff at Woodrow Preschool. Catherine and Jan have been nothing short of amazing in how they deal with our son, Tristin. We came to Woodrow because we like the professional atmosphere-similar to what Tristin can expect in a public school next year. So many “pre-schools” are simply nothing more than glorified day-care/babysitting centers. Woodrow has proven quite different. The staff has addressed every concern we have ever had regarding Tristin with a level of professionalism and effectiveness that we never saw last year. We often comment to each other how we feel like Tristin is basically in kindergarten already because it feels like we are actually taking Tristin to a ‘school’, as opposed to a day care.

We know that Tristin is in good hands every time we drop him off. Woodrow Preschool provides a safe learning environment in which our son can grow physically and mentally. We have nothing but positive things to say about your school. Thanks for taking great care of Tristin and for teaching him every day.

Julie Rusgo

My daughter, Emily, has thrived while under the care and teachings of Miss. Jan and Miss. Gail. Each day Emily talks enthusiastically about her day and her friends. From playing outside to creating a puppet show, Emily loves her time at Woodrow Preschool! Throughout the year, I have been impressed with the curriculum, lessons and activities presented to our daughter. Not only is she getting prepared academically for kindergarten, but she is learning very important skills like sharing and thinking through solutions under the guidance of positive and caring teachers.

Julie Ostrowski

Woodrow Preschool is a wonderful, nurturing place for children. Miss Catherine has been a part of our lives for 3 years now. She is a very caring and patient care giver. Both of my boys enjoyed her as their teacher. My oldest is now 7 and still wants to come in to give her a hug when we are picking up our youngest. Woodrow Preschool and Miss Catherine have well prepared my children for elementary school. They have a positive learning environment. They make “learning time” fun!