Thank you for your interest in Sylvania Child Care! Welcome to our contactless registration process. We are now offering this procedure to reduce the need for you to come to our office in person. This helps to create a safer environment during these COVID times.

New families will have a 4-step process to register.

  1. Step One: Welcome! The first step is for you to answer some questions to help us understand the type of care you are looking for. We will respond to you within one business day with information on creating an online account in our MyProcare system.
  2. Step Two: Sign In to your MyProcare Account – You will login to your online account and choose the specific child care program for your child’s enrollment. After completing the questions you’ll be asked to pay the registration fee.
  3. Step Three: Electronic pdf Form – We will email you a pdf document to complete and sign electronically. You will send this back by email to: [email protected]
  4. Step Four: Wrap up – In this final step we will contact you and collect any remaining fees such as a security deposit. And if you need one, we will give you a key fob for morning entrance into the building. We’ll also confirm if you need any additional forms such as Medical forms for children with health conditions. Then your child’s enrollment will be complete!

To get started on Step One, Click Here.