In 2004, Sylvania Community Services (SCS for short) established the SCS Foundation as a support organization to meet the growing needs of agency programs into the near future. The Foundation’s goal is to continue the mission of SCS by providing financial support even if normal funding sources change or disappear.

Like most non-profits, SCS has financial needs that are not totally covered by current revenue sources. Additionally, over the years, grant support has declined, as have tax levy receipts due to a decline in property values. And every year we assist families who qualify for reduced child care fees.

For Child Care, new funds from the Foundation will:

  • Provide more scholarships and assistance to qualifying families;
  • Be invested in curriculum development and enrichment programs;
  • Help meet infrastructure and technology needs.

For Sylvania Senior Center, new funds from the Foundation will:

  • Enhance programming and resources that support the health and well-being of seniors;
  • Supplement our food service operation and transportation services;
  • Be invested in computer software and fitness equipment, assisting seniors with physical as well as mental health.

How You Can Help

The following giving options are available:

Cash Contributions – donations may be directed toward a specific program, project, or purpose.

Commemorative Gifts – contributions may be made in memory of a friend or loved one, or to celebrate a special event.

Planned Giving – may be made in a will or a trust which names Sylvania Community Services Foundation as a direct or a charitable remainder beneficiary.

Donate today!